Shadow of the Moon

By: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: Dark-Hunters

Book Number: 15.2

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Four centuries ago, Fury Kattalakis was best friends with Angelia. They were virtually inseparable, and he always hoped his future would be with her by his side. That all ended the day she found out he was one of the hated Katagari and betrayed him to her Arcadian patria who nearly killed him. Now Angelia's patria is in possession of a weapon which can strip all shifters of their magick and force them to remain permanently in their natural form. Fury is on the hunt for the persons responsible for doing just that to an innocent lion, when Angelia and her patria kidnap and torture him for information. Unable to watch the others hurt the wolf she once cared for so deeply, Angelia helps him escape, but she still hates him for what he is until Fury shows her that he and his Katagari brethren are not the monsters she believes them to be. Soon they're falling for one another all over again, but the wronged lion clan are out for blood and Fury may be the only one who can save Angelia from their wrath.


Shadow of the Moon is one of the better stories by Sherrilyn Kenyon that I've read in recent history. This Dark-Hunter novella is about Fury Kattalakis, the somewhat recently discovered brother of Vane (Night Play), and the woman he fell for centuries ago but who betrayed him when she found out he was Katagari rather than the Arcadian they always believed him to be.

When they were young, Fury and Angelia were best friends, but when the story opens there is a lot of bad blood between them, and with good reason. She hates all Katagari, because they killed her family. He's none too happy with her, because she stood by and nearly allowed her patria to kill him when she discovered he was Katagari. Now, four hundred years later, they're unwillingly reunited. I was glad that Angelia seemed to have a conscience when it came to torturing and killing, even when it involved someone she thought she should hate. I was also pleased that she eventually freed Fury from the torture her cohorts were inflicting upon him. I loved that Fury was honorable and stayed true to a vow he'd made to Angelia all those years ago, refusing to harm her, even though he would have had every reason to. The loyalty the wolves show to those they love, especially their mates, is very sweet and romantic. Fury and the rest of his family get to show Angelia that they aren't the monsters she's always believed them to be. I liked how Angelia had never forgotten Fury's friendship and that she had always wanted a future with him until she found out the truth. It was fun watching the wheels turning in her head as she realizes that the Katagari aren't so bad after all, and their love scene after she chooses him to sate her mating heat was smokin' hot. Admittedly, their declarations of love come pretty quickly and would have been a tad more believable in a longer story. However, their interactions were so tender and romantic, this would have been a five-star read for me anyway if not for the rather odd ending. The decision Fury made to "protect" Angelia from the lions who were after her didn't entirely make sense to me and seemed rather abrupt, but alls well that ends well, I suppose.

Shadow of the Moon allows readers to visit several other Dark-Hunter characters, including Vane and Bride, along with their little boy, Trace. The way Trace calls Fury, "Uncle Furry" is just too cute. Fang (Bad Moon Rising) is there too, still trying to secretly pass notes to his love, Aimee. Of course, Aimee's overprotective bear clan, including Dev (No Mercy), is there trying to scare the wolves away. I absolutely loved the brief visit with Zarek (Dance with the Devil). I really miss him and his sarcasm. Savitar, the leader of all the shifters popped in during the final pages to end the dispute between the wolves and the lions. All in all, Shadow of the Moon was a very enjoyable read. Once again, Sherrilyn Kenyon proves she can write the kind of stories I really love. I just wish she did it more often in her longer books. Shadow of the Moon can be found in the anthology Dead After Dark.


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