By: Heather Beck

Series: The Horror Diaries

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Haunted is an anthology of five short paranormal/horror stories for kids that comprise volumes 1-5 of The Horror Diaries series. Synopses and reviews of each individual novella in this anthology can be read via the links below.

Ghost Park (#1)

A Haunting Past (#2)

The Manor on the Rocks (aka Rockville) (#3)

A Medieval Nightmare (#4)

A Watery Grave (#5)


Ghost Park (#1) - Star Rating: ****

A Haunting Past (#2) - Star Rating: ***1/2

The Manor on the Rocks (aka Rockville) (#3) - Star Rating: ***1/2

A Medieval Nightmare (#4) - Star Rating: ****

A Watery Grave (#5) - Star Rating: ****

Each of the individual stories had some things that I thought could have been a bit better, but overall, Haunted was a pretty good anthology of scary tales for kids. Even though most of the protagonists were teenagers, my guess is that the plots are probably too simplistic to hold the attention of older, more sophisticated readers, but the book still has just enough advanced vocabulary to possibly challenge elementary readers. In my opinion, Haunted would probably be best-suited to kids in the 7-10 (perhaps up to 12) age range who enjoy ghost stories.

Note: Each novella in this anthology has been summarized and reviewed separately. The overall star rating for the book is the average of the ratings for each individual story.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my review.


Heather Beck